Base-Building for Your First 10K: The 50-Mile Challenge

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Here's how the weeks ended up playing out:

  • First week: 2.6-mile run, 2.7-mile run 3.7-mile run (total: 9 miles)
  • Second week: 2.3-mile run, 2.6-mile run, 3-mile run, 4-mile run (total: 11.9 miles)
  • Third week: 2.3-mile run, 2.6-mile run, 2.3-mile run, 5-mile run (total: 12.2 miles)
  • Fourth week: 3.6-mile run, 2.6-mile run, 3.7-mile run, 2.6-mile run, (total: 12.5 miles)
  • Fifth week: 2.6-mile run, 5-mile run (total: 7.6 miles)

The month ended in the middle of the fifth week, and so did the challenge. I ended up running 53.2 miles, hitting my goal in the middle of my last run on the last day of the month.

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It was one of the more enjoyable periods of training I've ever had. Every single run chipped away at the goal, so every one felt meaningful and necessary. Motivation wasn't a problem the entire month. I ended up running about four days a week, and the normal busyness of work, family and friends didn't deter me from getting out the door. I had a challenge to meet.

My 10K was three weeks after the 50-mile challenge wrapped up. With my base established, I was able to do a 6-mile run and a 7-mile run before the 10K. I also mixed in a little speed work (though not as much as I should have!). When race day rolled around, I felt good throughout, and blazed to the finish line with a time I was really happy with.

It's obviously a simple plan, maybe too simple for a lot of runners. But if your first 10K is looming and you don't know how to conquer the training, try the 50-mile challenge and you'll be off to a great start.

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