American Runner Celebrates Too Soon, And Then Loses the Bronze Medal

It's a runner's worst nightmare. Just a few feet from the finish line, you think you've medaled in a race only to be passed at the last second by that meddlesome person right behind you. 

American runner Molly Huddle knows the feeling. During the final sprint in the 10,000-meter run at the 2015 IAAF World Championships, she was overtaken by fellow U.S. teammate Emily Infeld. At. The. Last. Millisecond. Not only was Huddle beaten in dramatic fashion, but her defeat also meant losing the bronze medal. 

Huddle has likely been coached on the importance of pushing through the finish line, but never have those words rang so true. 

Watch below—and cringe—as the bronze medal slips ever-so-gently from her fingertips.

Video courtesy of Universal Sports Network.

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