6 Running Apps to Pick Up the Pace

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Remember when all you needed to run was half an hour and a good pair of shoes? It's a whole new world, baby. Get with the program and try these hot, new running applications for your smart phone.

Running apps are a savvy way to track workouts, map routes, monitor performance and stick to a training routine. Jeffrey Brown, psychologist for the Boston Marathon medical team and coauthor of The Winner's Brain explains, "Running apps are not only fun, but many of them are in stride with what research tells us about adhering to our training plans and finding motivation when the road gets rough."

Try one (or more) of these running apps recommended by industry experts and fellow women runners.

Get Running

Starting to run can be hard—and scary. Designed to take the confusion out of becoming a new runner, this schedule eases you into the sport via a nine-week schedule that alternates running with walking.

Starting with one-minute increments of running, you'll gradually work up to 30 minutes by the end of the program. Users love the coach's voice—female with a slight British accent—that guides you through the workout.

The app also works with the music player on your device, lowering the volume when the coach speaks, then bringing it back up when she's finished. $2, splendid-things.co.uk/getrunning


Mapmyrun.com has long been a favorite site for runners to map out routes. This free application takes that convenience one step further by using the GPS technology in your phone to track your location as you run.

Simply put your phone in your pocket and the app will record your time, distance, pace, speed and elevation. Upload data to mapmyrun.com to monitor your workout history and share your course with a virtual running community.

You can also search public routes others have posted in your city or zip code. iMapMyRun users have already listed over 36,000 running routes across the nation. Free, mapmyrun.com

Nike + GPS

Brand new this year, this app is similar to iMapMyRun, but includes additional social networking functionality. Both iMapMyRun and Nike + GPS track workout details and can be used as a complement to the Get Running app. Nike's version only works with Apple products and comes with a small price tag.

However it's full of cool extras, like the Attaboy setting, which plays encouraging comments from famous Nike-sponsored athletes, and Nike + Tag, a feature that lets you virtually compete against friends. The interface is fun to use, featuring a unique and highly motivating bright red background. $2, nikerunning.nike.com

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