6 Must-Have Spring Gear for Trail Runners

4. Sunglasses

On a trail, sharp visibility is extremely important. Getting the sun in your eyes could mean falling flat on your face when you trip on a root that you couldn't see. That said, you do also want sunglasses that look great and frame your face. Look for something both lightweight and durable. Sunglasses that can take a beating will stay put on your face while you bounce along. Higher-quality sunglasses tend to cost more, but are well worth the price.

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A tried and true brand:

Ryders Eyewear offers a wide variety of durable and affordable, sports specific and lifestyle sunglasses. Styles are available with a range of lens technology, including polarized, interchangeable, photochromic, and photo-polar. They are light, flexible, and come with anti-slip hydrophilic temple tips or nose pads to preventing bouncing or sliding.

What your friends don't have yet:

BTB Sports Optics offers a great selection of shades that are comfortable and keep even your peripheral vision unhindered. Rubberized temples help the glasses stay in place and provide extra comfort. All models exceed ANSI, OSHA, and Military Impact Specifications, which means they can be worn as safety glasses for excavating, manual labor, and general maintenance. Whatever the trail has to throw at you, these glasses can take it.

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5. Arm and Calf Sleeves

Extra sleeves are great for controlling body temperature and regulating sun protection on the trails. They also protect exposed skin from the elements as well as trail obstacles such as hanging branches, thorns, and overgrown single track. They're light, easy to put on or remove, and look great. Compression sleeves are also a great idea for a quick recovery and a comfortable run.

A tried and true brand:

Zensah is a go-to company for arm and calf sleeves. They also excel in compression gear. Spotted at many races, they offer a wide variety of products in a rainbow-selection of color. They're fun to wear, durable, and easy to wash.

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What your friends don't have yet:

INKnBURN has come out with artistic arm ("4Arms") and calf sleeves ("Shin Skins") that look unlike anything you have seen before. This company focuses on setting you apart from the crowd and using your clothing as an artistic expression. Their products are bold, attractive, and appropriate for long trail runs.

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