4 Tips to Stay Motivated on Your Long Run

And you don't even have to go the whole distance with them. If your training partner is only interested in doing nine miles this weekend, then do the first half of your run solo. This way your buddy joins you just when you need it most for a mental and emotional boost.

If you can't even rally one person to join you, consider searching for a local race. Just like your running partner, you can either start early or continue running while everyone else is cooling down. Either way you get in the run you want and avoid doing it solo. If you are really organized, you can plan ahead to sign up for key races to help you over the impending "humps" in your training.

Tip #4: Be Creative

If you want a cheaper alternative that signing up for yet another race, spend a few minutes online and find a new route to run. One of the biggest reasons for burning out is having a redundant training routine. Nip this problem in the bud with some create planning.

Maybe the new route is in a new part of town; maybe you drive to a new town and run. Whatever you decide, do your best to keep it unique and simple—you do want to be able to get back home!


Running long isn't always as fun and as sexy as the commercials might make it out to be. But nothing beats the feeling of having done a particularly challenging run and being just that much closer to your race. Use the tips above to get your juices flowing and it'll be race day before you know it.

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