3 Exercise Alternatives For Injured Runners


Another alternative workout for injured runners is cycling. Cycling can work your cardiovascular system similarly to running, and is much gentler on the joints.

You can consider 4 miles of riding equal to about 1 mile of running. To get the same benefit as you would for a 5-mile run, you will need to go about 20 miles on the bike.

Cycling has several advantages over aqua jogging, such as varied terrain and the ability to cover a lot of ground. Unlike aqua jogging, however, it is not recommended to wear any kind of audio device on the bike, as you'll likely deal with busy streets, and riders will need to listen for oncoming traffic.

You will need a helmet and protective glasses for additional safety. Of course, if you are on a stationary bike these recommendations don't apply.

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If aqua jogging or cycling are not your thing, consider swimming. Swimming is a great low-impact workout. As with other alternative workouts for injured runners, swimming offers a good cardio workout and can be more challenging with increased effort.

Don't feel you have to do just one of these alternative workouts to stay in shape. Try mixing it up by rotating your workouts; train like a triathlete minus the running.

As they say, "Variety is the spice of life." These workouts will help you stay active through injury recovery, and stay in shape for your return to running. It may even turn you into a triathlete in the process.

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