3 Exercise Alternatives For Injured Runners

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As a runner, the constant training and miles of pounding the pavement often cause some sort of breakdown. When that occurs, you will need another way to stay active through your injury recovery.

Choosing an alternative workout or training method can help you maintain cardio and muscle fitness until you are ready to get back on the roads.

Your injury will dictate the volume and type of exercise you choose, but with a little planning you can reduce the time it will take you to get back into top form.

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Aqua Jogging

One low-impact workout for injured runners is aqua jogging.

To get started, you need a floatation vest and access to a pool. A good floatation device will keep your head above water and keep the rest of your body immersed in water.

The idea is to run in place while the water serves as resistance. When done correctly, aqua jogging simulates running without the pounding.

Your aqua jogging workout can take on many of the aspects of your regular training. For example, if you are scheduled to do a speed workout, you can simulate this in the pool.

By speeding up for specified time periods, you can reap similar benefits as if you were doing an interval session on the track.

Time in the pool should be equivalent to the time on the roads, so consider one hour of aqua running equal to one hour of regular running.

One drawback of aqua jogging is that it can be tedious. After all, you are running in place. To combat the boredom, you may want to consider investing in a waterproof audio device. What better way to help make the time pass than listening to your favorite tunes?

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