10 Post-Race Essentials

New Shoes

This is especially important for marathon runners. After running 26.2 miles, your feet will be tired and slightly swollen. Finish your cool down, take off your shoes and give your feet some love. Give them a little massage with your tennis ball or massage stick and let them air out in flip flops or your favorite comfy shoes.

New Shirt

If you're going to stick around for the festivities, change your sweaty shirt please. I usually bring the shirt that was given to me through the event. If you don't receive one, just bring an old one from home. Plus, it just feels nice to get out of sweaty clothes. After all, if you are cleaning up (wiping off with wet wipes, using deodorant, changing shoes) you might as well feel like a new person by swapping shirts.


You should put some sunscreen on prior to the race, but due to sweating your skin is not protected. After you clean yourself off, slather on some SPF to protect your skin when you're enjoying the post-race festivities.

ID and Money

Bring your ID and a little money for any food or souvenirs that you may want. A little cash might be a good idea just in case you need to take public transportation or a cab to your destination. Just make sure you keep your ID and money tucked away in your bag so it doesn't get lost.

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Fara Rosenzweig is an online editor for Active.com.
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