How to Qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon

For those of you looking to qualify for the 2014 edition of the race, you have several weeks to lock in a time that will do the trick. Here's how to do it.

Step One: Determine Your "True" Boston Qualification Standard (BQS)

Below you will find the table of qualification standards as of April 2013 for the Boston marathon, as posted by the Boston Athletic Association. They were adjusted in September 2012 to make qualification a bit more challenging, and to keep the numbers of participants somewhat constrained.

Current Boston Marathon Qualification Standards


But, based on the current registration process and overall level of interest in the Boston Marathon, you need to be faster than the times listed above. Here is a breakdown to help you select your target time:

  • Excellent Registration Delta = Subtract 10 minutes from the current BQS.
  • Above Average Registration Delta = Subtract five minutes from the current BQS.
  • Average Registration Delta = Stay at current standard.

As an example, a 53-year-old woman looking to lock in her changes to register should target a 3:50 qualification time or better by September 1.

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