3 Running Accessories for Your Summer Training

During the summer months it's difficult to drive by the Charles River in Boston and not see people running—enjoying the extra daylight and warm weather, and training for those summer 5Ks and fall marathons.

But just because it's nice out doesn't mean your running accessories and accessories don't matter. In fact, running with quality foot gear may be even more important during the summer due to blisters and other injuries that can occur.

Here are a few foot-related items that are worth looking into to keep your feet in good shape and your training on track:

Running Gear Must-Have No.1: Orthotics

Everyone knows how important it is to make sure you have the right running shoes. But along with the shoes, it's also key to have the best orthotics (shoe inserts).

These can be made special for you, but it's also easy to find a quality pair of orthotics over the counter. Sof Sole Fit is one great option because they offer various types of orthotics for runners with different arch types. They're on sale at EMS and Olympia Sports, and can keep you running healthy all summer long.

Running Gear Must-Have No.2: Great Socks

The heat and humidity of the summer is essentially blister season, which is why is is important to have quality running socks. One type of socks that you probably haven't tried is Injinji, which makes toe socks.

They feel pretty strange when you first try them on, but soon you'll realize how amazing they are as they keep the toes separated, a huge key when the temperature rises.

So say goodbye to those blisters from summers runs, half marathons and marathons—these socks will keep your feet protected.

Running Gear Must-Have No.3: Skin-Care Products

Now that you have the right orthotics and socks, it is time to get the right ointments and skin-care products to keep your feet happy before and after your runs. One newer product from EverStride will do just this.

EverStride helps heal the body and prevent chaffing, swelling, itchiness and cracked skin in heels. It will also prevent athletes foot and other fungus, while enabling you to run longer without pain.

Boston Running Examiner Ben Haber thinks that nothing can beat a run around the Charles River on a beautiful day.

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