2011 Spring Shoe Guide



Price: $120

Widths: Stand.-4E (M) Stand.-D (W)

Weight: 13.6 oz (M) 11.6 oz (W)

Contact: 800-678-9435; asics.com

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We Say: Like a pillowy mattress laid on a concrete floor, the Evolution layers oodles of soft padding on top of firm, corrective support for overpronators. This is a beefy shoe, with most of the weight in the heel where foam, Gel cushioning, and plastic components make it one of the heaviest shoes in this guide. Our bigger testers (who need firm guidance underfoot) loved the plush ride, especially when compared with most rigid motion-control shoes. Recommended for often-injured overpronators.

Wear-Testers Say:

"It was packed with support, and as a result, it felt overly boxy and heavy."

—Michele Belisle, 39, Allentown

"Because the shoe was so stable, I didn't need to wear my orthotics."

—Mary Kay Thelen, 50, East Lansing


Price: $120

Widths: Stand.-2E (M) Stand.-2E (W)

Weight: 13.3 oz (M) 10.8 oz (W)

Contact: 800-365-4933; saucony.com

We Say: This tank of a shoe is armed with components that provide stability for heavy overpronators. The cushioning unit in the heel helps disperse shock, but it also delivers the hardest landing of any shoe in this guide, according to RW lab tests. Most testers didn't like the cushioning, but a few noted that they just needed time to break in the shoe. We recommend the Stabil for bigger-than-average runners and overpronators looking for maximum support.

Wear-Testers Say:

"It was firm and heavy, but that's what I prefer."

—Erika Toraya, 37, San Diego

"The stability is solid, and the added flexibility made my run more enjoyable."

—Marissa lezzi, 25, Allentown



Price: $110

Widths: Standard

Weight: 10.5 oz (M) 9.0 oz (W)

Contact: 800-678-9435; asics.com

We Say: The DS Trainer has an unexpectedly cushy ride for such a low-to-the- ground, go-fast shoe. According to our lab tests, the cushioning in the heel and forefoot is markedly softer than in the previous versions, which is why the shoe has moved from the Performance- Training category. Its nested heel design cinches down for a snug fit that moves with the foot. Testers loved the new design, as well as the well-balanced ride, especially on speedwork days. Recommended as a daily trainer for moderate to lightweight runners.

Wear-Testers Say:

"It feels lighter and softer than the previous version."

—Dean Dimmig, 47, Allentown

"A great shoe. The new heel design gave me a great wrap."

—Janice Spodarek, 55, East Lansing

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