The Health-Conscious Camper: Switch it Up With a Camping Workout Routine

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Your usual workout routine might go something like this: run on treadmill, lift weights, stretch and leave; perhaps not in that particular order, but you get the idea.

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Unfortunately, camping doesn't afford you a clean gym with expensive equipment; rather you get the chance to try something different, working new muscles, with new routines in the sunshine. Stay on track with one of these outdoor workout routines on your next camping trip.

The Trail Workout

Whether you utilize the hill function of a treadmill or not, there is nothing quite comparable to trail running as an effective outdoor workout. Once you've finished cooking breakfast over your morning fire, lace up and head off for a quick cardio session and some weights in the woods.

1. Start by running through the trail. Whether this is a warm-up, or full on cardio session, it doesn't matter. Be ready to dodge roots, fallen trees and sporadic rocks.

2. Stop in an area where there are at least one or two large rocks you can use for weights. Do curls with the smaller ones, and overhead lifts with the larger ones. Be sure you can hold the large ones safely before doing any reps.

3. Find a fallen tree and do pushups and mountain climbers, with your hands on the tree.

4. Finish the workout routine with a cool-down jog back to your campsite.

The Campsite Workout

If you're camping with little ones, leaving the campsite by yourself may be out the question. If this is the case, you can enjoy a full fireside workout routine. Channel your most resourceful self to have a successful sweat session.

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1. Start with a quick, but intense cardio circuit. This should include, but is not limited to, jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees and burpees.

2. Follow with a weight/cardio mix: Carry a large water jug from one end of the campsite to the other. You can also do this with a heavy rock or a heavy bag. After completing one set (there and back) do overhead lifts down into a squat five times. Repeat as many times as you can—three sets minimum.

3. Finally, repeat the cardio circuit one last time, and then cool down with a simple stretching routine.

The Beach Workout

Many campgrounds have beaches either on the grounds or very close by. And, on a summer camping trip this maybe your only respite from the scorching afternoon sun. Once you get yourself and your family settled, it's time for a quick water workout routine.

1. Where and how far you can swim will depend on the beach, but swim out to a point where you still feel safe, and come back in. Do this twice as a warm up.

2. Head back out, but this time run in the water for as far as you can before it gets too deep. Do this a few times over, alternating running with a heavy rock and without.

3. Finally, end your workout with a jog down the beach; try to go at least a half mile before turning around to be sure you get a full workout.

Camping offers you an opportunity to end the boredom of your usual workout routine and try something new. Not only is this a mental pick me up, but your body will thank you as well. Using different muscle groups improves overall strength and reduces overall soreness. Enjoy your fit camping vacation with an outdoor workout, whether you're at a campsite in the woods or hanging at the beach.

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