Sunscreen for Athletes

You hear over and over the importance of wearing sunscreen while being outdoors. There are many protectors that work, but can be hard finding one you like. As an athlete, finding a sunscreen that is sweat-proof and won't get in your eyes can be challenging.

There is a new sunscreen out on the market that is specifically geared towards athletes called - SCAPE Athlete Sunscreen, developed by Dr. Nic Martens-a biochemist and athlete. He specifically designed this sunscreen with the athlete's need for performance and protection in mind.  SCAPE's niche is a sunscreen that won't run into your eyes and is both waterproof and sweat-proof.

I am an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast. When the sun is out, I am outside enjoying the sunshine. My biggest dilemma with sunscreen is that it always feels greasy, usually has a unpleasant smell, and easily runs off my skin from sweating.  Is SCAPE just another sunscreen making the same promises as others, and I will get a nice sports bra tan line/burn? I lathered the sunscreen on, and notice there was no odor and did not feel greasy. Already I was impressed. Hesitantly, I put the sunscreen on my face to test out the "won't run into eyes" slogan. Also, I never put regular sunscreen on my face as I have sensitive skin and I usually buy expensive "face lotion" from my doctor. But, I wanted to test this product out 100%. I put the sunscreen on my face, nervous that it was going to make me breakout, but it went on smoothly, not irritating my skin or making me feel oily.

I went for a nice 5 mile run and the entire time I was thinking, "I hope I am not getting burnt". Half way through my run I realized there was nothing running into my eyes, and even though I was sweating, I didn't see sunscreen coming off of my skin.

I completed my run, took a shower and looked to see if I had any funky lines or burns...and there was nothing. This is my new favorite sunscreen. In fact, I have used it the past few days as my everyday sunscreen, even if I am not running. It's my daily sunscreen protector.  SCAPE is non-greasy, goes on dry, does not smell, and has UVA+UVB protection. It's also light and doesn't make you think you are wearing sunscreen. I am a big fan, and would definitely recommend this sun block.

Check out their website to find other products and on more information on SCAPE.

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