How to Plan a Camping Trip in 3 Steps

How to Plan a Camping Trip Step 3: Group Planning

Prepare Your Children

If your kids have never camped before, plan a backyard campout. Teach your children how to set up a tent and try cooking some simple foods like s'mores and hot dogs. Give lessons on how to turn on a lantern, pack a cooler, and use other equipment. Teach them about safety and give them some outdoor chores that are fun.

You can get them to collect firewood, fill water containers, and hammer in tent pegs. Have contests for gathering the most kindling, most organized tent or fastest cleanup. Take an evening walk, listen to the sounds, and look up at the stars. Getting them familiar with the outdoors will surely get them ready for their first camping trip.

Submitted By: Andrea Sabina

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Simplify Group Camp Eating

We often go camping with other families and it can get pretty complicated when it comes to planning meals. To make the cooking easier we create a sign up sheet beforehand for all the meals we want. Everyone is responsible for bringing enough items for one meal. We also do a "cook your own steaks" meal on arrival day to avoid cooking a big meal after setting up camp. The last meal of the trip we usually have a leftover potluck. This system works great for us and frees up a lot of time for everybody.

Submitted By: Kevin L. Kovars

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