How to Plan a Camping Trip in 3 Steps

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Camping is one of life's joys, but it requires some preparation. Whether you're camping with children, alone or in a large group of friends, knowing how to plan a camping trip is important. So, before planning your next adventure, read some tips from these long-time campers.

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How to Plan a Camping Trip Step 1: Book Your Site

Book a Great Campsite

If you can plan to take a few days off during the week, you will have a much better chance of finding availability for that perfect campsite. Also, you will have a much better selection of campsites if you plan and reserve your trips well in advance. I've been booking in advance for years and we always get the same site.

Submitted By: Leslie Lee

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How to Plan a Camping Trip Step 2: Make Lists

Don't Miss a Thing: Make a List

Write down a menu of what you will be eating everyday to ensure you only pack food that you need. Use the same format when packing clothing, gear and supplies. You will have everything you need, without over packing and it will save you a lot of room.

Submitted By: Denise Gallucci

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Make a Meal Checklist

On a past camping trip, I noticed that we were missing an ingredient needed for a meal and then we noticed the same thing the following day. When we returned home, I created a checklist that we could use for our next trip. When it's time to go camping, we print the list and make sure we have all the ingredients needed.

Submitted By: Jacob Rashford

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