How to Organize Your Camping Kitchen

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One snack here, another drink there, and before you know it, the utensils have been spilled, the peanut butter isn't where you left it, and there's a loaf of bread in the cooler.

Before you pull your hair out, start organizing. When you organize your kitchen at the campsite, you can worry less about clutter and focus more on having a great time relaxing and cooking with your family. Use these four camp kitchen organization tips on your next trip into the woods.

Label Containers and Coolers

With multiple coolers, storage containers, bags and other miscellaneous items, camp kitchens often get messy. Save time, energy and stress by labeling everything you bring. For example:

  • Meat Cooler
  • Breakfast Cooler
  • Snack bag
  • Dinner bag
  • Vegetable bag

Not only does this make it easier for you, but for your little ones as well. For example: pack a bag for the kids, with carrots, celery, peanut butter, apples, trail mix and other snacks. If they know they can pull from this bag when they want a snack, you may have less of a mess on your hands.

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Use Do-it-Yourself Storage

Sometimes, the best storage items can be made with stuff found in your home. Take old items and repurpose them to save time and money. Some of the best items to organize your campsite kitchen include:

  • An old coat rack: Bend the arms of a metal coat rack, and use them to hang paper towels, cups and other kitchen items.
  • An old shower caddy: Hang a shower caddy on the pole of a built-in shelter or nail it into a tree and then use it to hold your ketchup, salt, pepper, and more.
  • A bathroom organizer: With multiple pockets, this makes for the perfect kitchen organizer. Use it to store things like silverware, napkins, cloths, matches and multi-use tools.
  • Crates: Stacked milk crates are great storage items—use them for packing and then stack them for storage when you arrive.

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