How to Find the Perfect RV Campsite

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Whether you call it an RV park, campground or resort, the same question remains: how do you choose the best campsite at your destination? With little difference between the three variations, finding the perfect spot for your rig is the same regardless of where you stay. Knowing what to look for in an RV campsite will help ensure you have a comfortable stay.

The Bare Bones for Your RV Campsite

Whether you like to pull up to a primitive site, with minimal amenities and neighbors, or prefer spending time in a bustling campground, there are three essential aspects that every RV campsite should have.

General space: Is your campsite big enough to stay comfortably for more than a day? You'll need space for a fire, your kitchen and dining. This is especially important when camping with children, who will need room to run and play.

Cleanliness: For both primitive and non-primitive camping, cleanliness of the area means no litter at the site, around the campground and on hiking trails. The good news is that state and federal campgrounds are kept tidy.

An easy parking space: Is there enough space to back in your rig? RV size is often listed on reservation websites, making it easy to determine if yours will fit. If you're still unsure, call the campground before booking. A pull-through site has roads on either side, allowing you to pull in and continue through when you leave. A back-in site requires you to back in your rig. If you have a preference, this will be important in choosing your spot.

Outside of the basic requirements, there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing your RV campsite, and these are largely determined by your camping style.

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