How to Efficiently Pack for a Camping Trip

You've selected your camping destination, made campground reservations, and you have a list of necessary camping supplies. But how should you pack for your camping trip? Of course, you can just throw the gear in the car and go, but a simple packing strategy will make the process stress-free and help ensure you don't forget anything.

Plastic Bins

If you camp often, a lot of the packing for a camping trip is actually done when you unpack from the last adventure. It's nice to have designated camping supplies that you don't have to pull from the house each time you plan a trip. Purchase a few large and medium sized plastic bins and organize your permanent camping supplies according to their purpose. Even if you use supplies from home, if you label each storage container with its contents, you can add the necessary items in an organized manner when the time comes to pack-up.

Consider getting a separate bin for each of the following gear categories:

  • Cooking equipment such as stove, pots, pans, utensils
  • Non-perishable kitchen items like small containers of oil, salt, pepper and other spices
  • Miscellaneous items like lighting, bug spray, candles and a first-aid kit

Two weeks before your camping trip check your camping supply list and make sure you have everything that you need. You'll want to do this in advance, so you're not scrambling for supplies at the last minute, which can make for a stressful or delayed departure.

More: Infographic: Camping Gear Checklist

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