Camping Guide from A to Z

Are you a first-time camper? Or maybe you've camped plenty, but time and again find yourself lacking the essentials. Either way, use this guide to make sure you never forget anything at home again. 

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AdaptersThese are for your car and used to charge electronics such as a cell phone, mp3 player or other mobile devices.

Batteries: You need these to power your flashlight, camera and GPS. Keep a bulk portion of these in your camping box so you never run out. 

Compass: If your GPS doesn't work, this will come in very handy. Though it's not difficult to use, be sure you understand orienteering before you rely solely on this to get around.

Digital Camera: While this is not a life or death piece of gear, it's a must for quick and easy sharing of those moments you want to capture.

First-aid KitYou won't notice you forgot this until you need it. Be sure it's fully stocked with ointment, medication, and bandages before each trip. 

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Flashlight or Lantern: This is needed for your evening adventures or midnight stroll to the bathroom. Purchase solar powered so you never run out of juice. 

Guide or Trail Maps: Whether you enjoy car camping or backpacking, it's important to know where you're going. Either one of these will do, just be sure you can read the map before you head onto the trail with it. 

Hats: In the dead of summer, hats are important to shelter you from the sun. 

Ice: Pack plenty of ice and ice packs that will help keep your drinks and food from getting warm. If it's a particularly hot time of year, be sure your cooler of ice stays in the shade to keep it cold as long as possible. 

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