Tips to Use on Your Next RV Trip

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Whether you're a verteran RVer or new to this camping experience, each and every tip can be valuable for your next trip. Here are a few good RV tips to take with you on the road.

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Use a Timer for Your Lights

We have heard complaints about people who leave their awning lights on all night and how it disrupts those around them. We realized that if we use an outdoor timer, we can set it and forget it. Now no one is disturbed by our lights at night.

Submitted By: Roger and Brenda Hagan

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Solar Lights for Your Steps

Purchase a couple of solar lights and place them by your RV steps. They will give off enough light for you to see, but they aren't so bright that they disturb your neighbors or other RVers nearby.

Submitted By: Warren Brelsford

Calculate Your RV Solar Power Needs

It requires only a little math and a realistic assessment of how much power you actually use. The formula for computing amp hours is the number of hours multiplied by the number of amps used per hour. For example, one light uses 1.5 amps x 6 hours which equals 9 amps per hour. Your television uses 1.4 amps x 3 hours which equals 4.2 amps per hour.

Submitted By: Robert Flasken

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Check your Camper Brakes Before Your RV Trip

Most of us check our lights on our campers every time we hook-up, but most people don't check their brake controllers. I make it a habit to activate the brake controller by using the emergency handle or button as soon as I put my tow vehicle in gear. When the tow vehicle starts rolling, I activate the controller to make certain the brakes are working properly. This way there are no surprises.

Submitted By: Henry Donald

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