Smokey Pokey Review

Marian Barron of Orland, California

The Smokey Pokey was reviewed by Marian Barron an experienced camper for over 12 years.

Q: How often do you go camping?
A: I go about four times per year.

Q: Who typically builds your campfire?
A: I normally build the fire, but others tend to help out either with fanning the flame or adding more wood to the pit when the fire gets weak.
Q: Did you use the Smokey Pokey to help control the fire?
A: Yes, I used it to move the fire starters around once there was a flame.

Q: Did you find the Smokey Pokey to be useful?
A: Yes, it was useful to start campfires at a safe distance and I also hung a lantern on it.  

Q: Did you use the Smokey Pokey as a hiking stick?
A: Yes, it made a great walking stick especially for those steep uphill hikes.
Q: What was the best feature about the Smokey Pokey?
A: That I could use it to start the campfire and during hiking trips.

Q: Would you be interested in the Fire Fork; a tool that attaches to the Smokey Pokey and allows you to roast up to eight marshmallows or other campfire foods?
A: Yes, that would be a great way to roast marshmallows and make s'mores for a large and hungry group.

Q: Would you recommend this product to fellow campers or outdoor enthusiasts?
A: Absolutely. The Smokey Pokey is a useful item to have during a camping trip and serves many purposes other than building campfires. 

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