GSI Outdoors Vortex Hand Cranked Blender

Michelle Guzzetta, California

Use this blender to crank out delicious shakes during an outdoor adventure. Made from Lexan, the pitcher is virtually indestructible and its exclusive pour-through locking lid design lessens spills.
Q: How many times have you used your Vortex blender during the test period?
A: My family and I have used it 5 times during our camping trips and at home.

Q: What type of meals or drinks did you blend?
A:  We used it to blend breakfast shakes and pancake batter which we made while camping. Also, we crushed some ice to use for our margaritas while we were at home.

Q: Was the Vortex blender easy to use?
A:  It was very easy to use and it made a very nice froth blend, which my son liked. To crush ice, it was best to start on the lower gear setting and then after some initial grinding, I switched over to the higher gear setting.

Q: How easy was it to clean and how would you rate the overall build quality?
A: All I had to do was wipe it, rinse and let it air dry. It is also very well built and I don't think it would break easily. 

Q: Do you believe this is a useful item to take camping and would you recommend it to your fellow campers?
A:  It certainly is a useful item to have and we will be taking it with us on summer camping trips. I recommend it because it's not just an item you take camping, you can also use it while at home.



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