Fishing Tips for the Beginner

Know When to Go

Picking the right time to go plays a large factor in how successful you'll be. Typically the early morning, before sunrise, and evenings are the best. Also, barometric pressure changes during overcast or light rainy days can improve your chances.

Know Where to Cast Your Line

If fishing by rivers or streams, look for the point where two streams converge, this is an area where fish tend to gather, making it easier to draw many of them your way. If fishing on a lake and the wind is blowing, head where the waves are crashing.

Finally, don't start off in particularly deep water where bigger fish roam. Focus on small fish as you get the hang of it. 

If you have fishing friends, be sure to ask them for their personal fishing tips. After years of fishing, they will have load of first hand experience that is invaluable to you as a beginner fisherman. 

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