Fishing Tips for the Beginner

There are few better ways to spend your day than on the water with a fishing pole in hand. But, if this is your first time, getting started on the right foot will be important to making your fishing trip a successful one. Here are a few fishing tips to keep in mind before you head out onto the water. 

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Know the Terminology

All the fishing tips in the world won't matter if you don't know the terminology. Keep reading to get a handle on some of the basic terms. 

Fishing Rod: Your choice of rod depends on the variety of fish you wish to catch. The best advice to follow here would be to consult with your local fishing outfitter on what fish are most common in your area.

Rod Action: Rod action refers to the degree of bend a rod permits. Generally, the faster the action, the less flexibility. This style is normally reserved for the more experienced fisherman.

Rod Power: Rod power tells you how much weight the rod can handle in terms of line and lure. These range from ultra-light to heavy rods.

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Fishing Line: One of the more common mistakes made by the amateur angler is to purchase a fishing line that is too heavy. Eight to ten pound test lines are plenty for most fishing. In tandem with the right rod, these lines are capable of landing a relatively large fish.

Bait: This is used to lure your fish to the pole. Start with the basics: worms, crank bait, spinner bait and a few plastic worms for when your live ones run out.

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