5 Tips for Camping Food Storage

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Camping Breakfast

For most people, camping conjures images of a classic red cooler filled to the brim with ice and goodies. While that's a good place to start, it's not all you need for safe and effective camping food storage. As you set up your outdoor kitchen, consider the following important tips:

1. Sunshine is Your Cooler's Enemy

You pray for sun weeks before the camping trip, and sure enough, you get your wish. But while they're great for staying active, those rays aren't so great for your cold food storage. Make sure you have a shady spot for your coolers, or you'll be buying bags of ice every couple of hours. Look for shade under a tree, a built-in cover, tent awning or pop-up shelter.

2. Keep Animals Away

When you're camping in the wild, you don't want to invite critters into your site if you can avoid it. Unfortunately, though, the scent of food attracts animals, including bears, who will make a mess of your kitchen and take your food, too.

To avoid this potentially dangerous situation, make sure all food is closed up and put away, especially at night while you're sleeping. Some basic camping food storage safety tips include:

  • Take out all your trash at the end of the day. Anything left at the site will attract animals.
  • Hang your coolers and storage bins from a tree, where curious critters can't reach them.
  • Use a lock to close your cooler and dry storage bins before bed. If bear boxes are provided, use them.