5 Easy Camping Dinner Ideas

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Cooking a meal outdoors can be the most daunting part of camping. Because of this, many fall back on the classics like hot dogs, burgers and baked potatoes. While those are camping staples, and delicious in their own right, perhaps it's time to switch it up. Try one of these easy camping dinner ideas on your next outdoor adventure. 

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1. Canned Soup with Toasted Crostini

One of the easiest meals to cook, camping or not, is canned soup; choose your flavor, heat it up, and you have a quick and easy meal. To make a hearty meal after a long day of trekking through the woods, add a few simple items.

  1. Warm your soup in a pan over the fire. 
  2. Cook a can of beans and toss them into the cooked soup.
  3. Grill your protein over the fire, chop it up and add it in.
  4. Toast crostini slices on the hot fire pit grate. 

Put your soup in a bowl and use the crostini slices to sop up every last bite. 

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2. Chicken, Veggies and Beans in Tin Foil

Plan ahead to make this camping dinner quick and simple. Some things to prepare beforehand, include:

  1. Chicken: Give it a spice rub or marinate it for a few hours.
  2. Veggies: Cut and marinate them. 

Put your meat and veggies into a piece of tin foil with slice of butter and close it up. Place your tin foil package on the fire pit grate for 15 to 20 minutes. While that cooks, place your can of beans on the heat as well. When finished, plate your dinner and enjoy.

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