Top 10 Camping Etiquette Tips

Meet Your Neighbors

One way to break the ice with neighbors just arriving to the campsite is to offer assistance when they are backing into their sites. More often than not it's a traveling elderly couple. Some of these rigs are incredibly difficult to back up, and some sites are more difficult to back into than others. If it's not an elderly couple, it's usually someone my family's age and we strike up conversations about kids, baseball, boating, camping, etc. It's the best way to meet your new neighbors!

Submitted By: Brian Hammon

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Camping Etiquette for Future Campers

We always rake (in a circle) around the campfire area as the very last thing we do before departure. It leaves a nice manicured look. We have had several camp hosts compliment us on how good the site looks.

Submitted By: Bill Carl

Share Fire Starters

Great campfires start with wax and dryer lint and small bathroom paper cups. I melt wax and fill the cups with dryer lint and add the wax. Let each set until firm (sometimes I put in the freezer to speed up the process). These work every time, and we always have spares for our camping neighbors who have a hard time lighting their campfires.

Submitted By: Daphne Michel

Camping etiquette is important for everyone to enjoy their trip, both at your campsite and the sites around you, so be sure to mind your manners at your next camping trip. 

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