Fuel Up With Propel Calcium Fitness Water

Aside from supplying our bodies with calcium, Propel Calcium also offers plenty of B vitamins, including Niacin, B6, B12 and Pantothenic Acid.

Dehydration is an overwhelming problem for athletes, especially during summer months. Most hydration issues stem from elevated heat levels and poor hydration. In other words, no matter how much we're reminded, we don't drink enough water.

I'm not the type who drinks fitness waters or sports drinks. I usually just opt for the clean and refreshing taste--or lack thereof--of plain water. The flavored fitness waters have always been too sweet for my palate. My most exotic drink choices consist of 1) water with a splash of lemon, and 2) water with some fresh mint. So I've always been skeptical to reach for a bottle labeled "flavored."

However, I'm constantly looking for ways of getting more calcium in my diet because I think it's extremely important for athletes, particularly women. So when I received Propel's newest product, Propel Calcium Fitness Water, I figured--why not try some?

The Trial

I set out for a 45-minute run during California's notorious July heat wave, armed with a 700 ml. bottle of Propel Calcium in mandarin orange. Typically, I carry a 500 ml. bottle of water and only drink half. Once home, exhausted, I usually chug two glasses of water.

But, on that hot July day, I drank nearly the entire 700 ml. bottle of Propel and, after running in 94 degrees, I felt great. I got home and didn't feel like downing my typical post-run two glasses of water even though I knew I had to for recovery.

The Highlights

What I like best about Propel Calcium is it's really easy to drink. The taste is subtle--it doesn't get in the way--which is what I look for in sports drinks and fitness waters. Most people have difficulty drinking enough water to stay hydrated while exercising, yet they will drink much more if it's a lightly flavored drink. Because Propel is easier to drink, and you end up drinking more, you'll automatically end up more hydrated.

Propel Calcium comes in mandarin orange, mixed berry and mango. Mandarin orange is the best flavor, in my opinion, but all three have a subtle, refreshing taste I could definitely enjoy.

The bottle is also designed for the athlete-in-motion, with a sports top that easily turns itself "on" and "off." Bottles come in 500 ml. and 700 ml. sizes.

The Importance of Calcium

I've been doing a lot of research on calcium lately, and it amazes me to learn most Americans don't get proper amounts of calcium in their daily diet. Even with the rising rates of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, people are still failing to recognize the importance of calcium.

Exercise is definitely a big part of fighting bone disease, but it's important to combat Osteoporosis and Osteopenia with the necessary vitamins and nutrients as well. Most endurance athletes already have the exercise aspect of protecting their bones covered. But if they aren't getting the recommended doses of calcium every day, they could be hurting themselves in the 'long run.'

I try my best to get the recommended levels of calcium in my diet, which for most people is between 1,000 and 2,000mg. every day, depending on age, sex and current medications. This is not an easy task. My diet is packed with yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. But I can never seem to get enough calcium. One 700 ml. bottle of Propel Calcium delivers 30 percent of my daily calcium requirement.

Great Source of B Vitamins

Aside from supplying our bodies with calcium, Propel Calcium also offers plenty of B vitamins. Per 700 ml. bottle, Propel Calcium also contains recommended daily dosages of the following: 70 percent Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, 80 percent vitamin B6, 10 percent B12 and 70 percent Pantothenic Acid, also known as vitamin B5.

Together, these vitamins are known as a B complex and help our bodies in countless ways. B complex assists our nervous and digestive systems, fights disease, heightens our immune systems and gives us the energy boost we need to finish that race or workout.

You can find Propel Calcium in the water section of your local grocery store, convenience store or warehouse club. For a 500 ml bottle, the price is usually $.99; the 700 ml. bottles run around $1.29; and 6-packs cost approximately $3.99. Visit http://www.propelfitnesswater.com/ for more details.

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