Fuel Up With High-Fiber Foods at Breakfast

Want a quick and easy breakfast that fills you up, fuels your workout, and tastes great? Then consider a breakfast that includes high-fiber foods.

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that is not digested in the body and is found naturally in a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans/legumes and nuts, to name a few.

Fiber not only benefits overall health, but also enhances athletic performance. Here's how.

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4 Reasons Fiber Is Important to Athletes

Fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels. A slow, steady release of glucose into the blood keeps you physically and mentally alert during longer workouts. Steadier blood sugar likewise helps avert fatigue or a "crash" during a workout.

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Fiber fills you up. Whether you prefer to zone out, concentrate on your performance, or think about other things during workouts, hunger can distract you from doing so. Stay full and fueled with a high-fiber breakfast.

Fiber supports healthy weight. Weight status for athletes is more than looking as great as you feel. For runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes, maintaining a healthy weight is key to a strong athletic performance. Beyond quelling appetite, foods high in fiber offer more nutrients for fewer calories.

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Fiber protects heart health. Studies suggest that increased fiber intakes help lower cholesterol levels. You keep your heart in great shape while active, so why not when sitting down to eat?

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High-Fiber Breakfast Options to Fuel Your Workouts

Oatmeal: A natural source of fiber, oats come in various forms. Rolled and quick-cooking oats are great bets to provide a light yet hearty texture that is hot from the microwave in just a few minutes. Avoid instant oats that are packaged with sweetener and other ingredients that reduce the overall nutrient quality.

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