Are Liquid Calories Making You Fat?

What do a sirloin steak, an order of onion rings and a tall glass of apple juice all have in common? They are all loaded with calories. While it may seem like a safe bet to drink the apple juice as part of a healthy eating plan, it can still be detrimental to your overall weight-loss goals.

The troubling thing about consuming liquid calories is that your brain does not register them the same way it registers calories consumed from solid foods. Dr. Richard D. Mattes of Purdue University claims that fluid calories do not hold the same satiety properties and do not suppress hunger.

While it is common knowledge that soda, alcohol and other sugary drinks increase your daily calorie count, there are other drinks that slip under the radar and make it difficult to manage your weight.

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Here are some beverages that add calories to your diet:

Fruit Juice

While it may seem like a healthy alternative to consume a glass of juice in the morning, your body does not register the calories like they do solid foods. Some fruit juices are also loaded with extra high-fructose corn syrup that can hamper your diet plan. By eating whole fruit, you will feel fuller from consuming fiber, which is lost when it goes through the juicing process.

Sports Drinks

You may like the satisfaction after a hard workout from drinking a sports drink, but only if you burned enough calories during your session to counter the sugar content. Try consuming a lighter version of your favorite sports drink before your workout for a quick energy boost, or dilute it by adding water.

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Flavored Water

While they may seem innocent enough, brands like Vitamin Water and Sobe Life Water add extra sugar to their drinks for taste. If you crave a taste when drinking water, check out some of these tasty recipes that contain zero calories and you can make in your own home.

Coffee and Tea

Adding cream and sugar to your coffee or tea in the morning may seem like a simple way to kick up your energy levels, but over the long run, it can be detrimental to your weight-loss goals. Try drinking your coffee or tea without any additives in the morning. Better yet, try getting more sleep the night before.

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