5 Tricks Celebrities Use to Get Camera Ready

Celebrities are scrutinized year-round, but during award season, they're really put under the microscope. This time of year, celebrities need to look their best. While TV shows and magazines pick apart their style choices, they know that how they look on the red carpet is just as important to their brand as the awards themselves.

In my 13 years of experience working with celebrities, I've developed five nutrition tricks to help them get camera ready. If you're in the right mental state, and put forth your best effort, these tricks can work for you too.

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1) Water Load; Then Deplete

When I start working with a celebrity, they're usually looking for the competitive edge. They want a little magic pill that will increase their energy, improve stamina, and burn fat. Sadly, such a pill doesn't exist. The answer actually comes in a liquid. And it's free.

Water is the fountain of youth, and nature's most important substance for energy and weight management. Moreover, water helps alkalize your body, as it detoxifies and removes acid waste.

The biggest reason water is the best fat burner on the planet is that it suppresses your appetite while it speeds up your metabolism. Our primary fuel as humans is a combination of water and minerals. We can survive days without food but we can't last much more than 100 hours without water.

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Frequently, when you're feeling hungry, you may just be thirsty, and by the time you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated. The small amount of water required to quench your thirst is generally not enough to hydrate the body. It only takes slight dehydration to reduce your energy levels and performance and alter your ability to think clearly.

I tell celebrities to load up with quality water, how much depends on their size, and then cut back before the events. Anti-diuretic hormones can cause the body to retain water, which is why celebrities must consume a solid amount of water and then gradually decrease water intake, and eliminate excess water weight, before the event.

2) Reduce Sodium and Eat Potassium-Rich Food

Salt is the camera's worst enemy. High salt consumption leads to a bloated look and unnecessary water weight. However, you have to be really careful when cutting sodium levels. Messing with the body's delicate sodium/potassium balance can not only be unhealthy but also fatal if done incorrectly.

For my celebrity clientele, I suggest that they don't salt their food around award season. I also encourage them to eat potassium-rich foods like salmon, halibut and spinach.

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Kyle Brown has been working with celebrities as a personal trainer and nutritionist for more than a decade. He is the CEO of FIT 365 Shakes and author of How Much Does a Zebra Weigh?

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