4 Reasons Why You Should Eat Instead of Drink Your Food

Throughout your day, your body asks you for fuel. You start your day with fuel and continue to run your body on valuable nutrients.

It's easy for some, but tough for others because of busy lives we all live today.

Often, we squeeze in food while racing out the door, driving, or emailing. We put food in a liquid form to save time. When we get home from a long day, we'll eat anything in sight.

There are many things that we can do faster without hurting our health. However, eating is vital to our health. It's important to not skip a meal and chew our food, not sip.  

Here are four benefits to why you need to actually eat your food.

  1. Chewing your food alerts your brain that substantial fuel and nutrients are on their way to provide energy. Eating breakfast jump-starts your brain and body with tons of energy.   
  2. Keeping food in your mouth longer and chewing it well allows flavors to be recognized by your tongue. When the tongue recognizes the flavor it sends a message to the brain, which in turn sends messages to the digestive system resulting in the release of the correct digestive juices needed for that food.
  3. It's important to oral hygiene. The mouth is almost constantly flushed with saliva, which flushes away food debris and protects your teeth from decay. Saliva can actually kill some bacteria.
  4. The longer you spend eating your food, the longer you feel satisfied and energized.
Remember, your body needs food at the start of your day and throughout your day. Avoid the mid-day crash, and the late day binge, by eating a solid breakfast.

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