Protect Your Body With This Coconut Smoothie

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Coconut oil shows up in just about every protein and energy shake recipe you see these days. This super food is finally getting the recognition it deserves when it comes to natural energy, weight loss and overall health.

Can Coconut Speed Up Metabolism?

Coconut oil contains special kinds of fats called MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). MCTs are much smaller than regular chain fats and so are absorbed more quickly, thereby stimulating metabolism. This metabolism-boosting benefit makes coconut oil ideal for athletes and folks who want to lose weight.

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Coconut's Cornacopia of Health Benefits

Coconuts also contain lauric acid, which the body converts into compounds that help to protect the body from viruses and bacteria.

Because of these unique fats, many practitioners are also recommending coconut oil to promote skin, thyroid and brain health. Depending on weight and activity levels, I usually suggest an intake of between one and three tablespoons per day.

The smoothie recipe below contains two coconut products:

  • The oil, from the meat of the coconut.
  • The milk, which adds water, but also gives the shake a thick, rich taste.

The mangos add a tropical flavor to the smoothie and are a great source of cell-protecting antioxidants vitamin C and carotenoids. The bananas provide a natural dose of quick energy and potassium.  

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