Lacrosse Tip: The Triple Threat Position

It may look cool to be able to do all different types of tricks with your stick (and it is at times, like in your back yard). But to be a really good lacrosse player you need to be in the triple-threat position all the time when you have the ball.

Triple threat means you are ready to do three things:

  • Shoot
  • Pass
  • Dodge

This is hard to do if you are spinning your stick or cradling it below your waist.

I recently went to a coaching clinic and this is one thing they wanted coaches to stress. Why? Because when you only have a small window to shoot, pass, or dodge, don't you want to be ready? If you are in triple-threat position you are in the right position to make a good play and not a mistake.

How to Be a Triple Threat

  • Protect your stick. Put your body between your defender and your stick.
  • Keep your stick quiet. The more you move your stick, the easier it is to lose.
  • Be ready to choose your threat, whether it's shoot, pass or dodge.

If you care about your game you will follow these tips. It takes a true passion to want to improve.

For more, see this lacrosse video tip on the triple-threat position.

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