Lacrosse Drill: Ground Balls on the Run

One of my favorite lacrosse drills is what I call "On Run Ground Ball Drill".

This drill is where you have a line of about 5-10 guys and a coach about 30 yards away. To start the drill you have the coach toss a ball out toward the general direction of the line. Once the ball hits the ground the first player in the line runs and picks it up and then tries to pass the ball to the coach as fast as he can.

What makes this hard is that after you pick up the ball, the players take too long to get ready to make a pass. So, this drill helps with that. A couple things I do with more advance players if I'm the only coach able to run this drill: First, I get the drill started and run though the line twice. I tell the players after they pass to the coach they then replace the coach. The coach passes to the line again, and then subs out. The player that passed to the coach is now waiting to receive the pass from the next person in line. And it continues.

Once they get the hang of it, you have the player that is catching the pass jog around so it is a hard pass and harder catch. This simulates more of a game situation, where players are moving around a lot more and have to adjust to catch the ball--and have to see where the player is going to make a better pass. Then all the coach has to do is coach the players of what they are doing.

Once they have that down I get in there and complete for the ground ball with them or chase after them after they pick the ball up so it makes it harder to pass.

This is one of the simplest drills, but it is a great talent evaluator. Players should take a passion in this drill because it will help their lacrosse game. Great players should be really good at this drill and beginners will have a lot of problems with it.

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