Why the Spread Offense Works in High School

The spread offense is popular because you can use it with smaller football players.

We use it at our prep high school in Massachusetts and we average of 46 points per football game. We were state champs last year.

I have found that you can tire the defense out very quickly.

Many high schools don't have linebackers that can cover our running backs or slot receivers. So we try to identify mismatches with formations against there football defenses.

We also use motion out of our backfield to have the ability to recognize what type of pass coverage the team will be using. For example, if we put a back in motion away from the trips to an empty back formation set and a linebacker runs with him then we know it's man to man. If the linebacker stays we probably know if zone defense.

Once we know what type of defense we than can change our football play calling accordingly. This is so easy once you know what the defense is going to do!

Here is a sample pass play: Gun Trips right, halfback motion left. Flat Wheel Curl. We have the X receiver run a 10-12 yard curl and the Halfback runs a flat out-and-up wheel route. We have our quarterback read the corner. If he covers the curl we look wheel, if he covers the wheel we look curl.

Great play, easy read that we have used in games to score several touchdowns.

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Todd Krueger is a former NFL QB for the Buffalo Bills he runs a youth football/quarterback coaching website called footballtools.com.

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