The Running Lanes

The Running Lanes are numbered from the Center position to the side lines. Each gap between offensive players is numbered with the odd numbers running down the right side, the even numbers to the left. The 'Zero' hole refers to a play designed to be run directly through the Center's position such as a Zero Draw or the Quarterback Sneak.

A running lane or hole is simply a point of reference usually designating where a player or the ball is to go. Note the highest numbers (7 & 8) refer to the area outside the TE. If no TE is present, then a play run to the left at lane #8 (in the diagram here) would specify a play intended to be executed to the outside--NOT to the OT's outside shoulder which would be lane #6.

Generally speaking, a play is called with a two digit number first. The first digit signifies the back to receive the ball, the second digit refers to the hole or running lane the play is directed at.

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