The Finish Drill for Offensive Linemen

Need an easy drill that helps offensive linemen better understand their responsibilities? This drill, provided by the Youth Football Coaches Association, is an easy way to simulate a game situation, and in particular how to get young offensive linemen to understand where to take their defender.

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Purpose of Drill

To teach an awareness of where to take a defender in accordance with a quarterback's drop point.


A diagram of the drill
  • Pair up offensive linemen. Align a standup dummy offset from the linemen, 5 yards in the backfield, representing the quarterback's drop.
  • The defensive man lines up on the outside shoulder of the offensive man.
  • On the coach's command, the blocker sets up, punches, and maintains proper body control against the defender's rush.
  • The blocker must be aware of where the dummy (passing point) is in order to finish the block.

Key Points

  • Make sure the offensive lineman executes proper pass protection techniques.
  • The blocker must keep the defender from hitting the dummy until the coach's whistle blows.
  • The blocker should slide his feet as quick as possible to maintain body control and position. The more the feet are in contact with the ground, the quicker the blocker can adjust to the defender.
  • Play to the whistle.
  • Rotate players after every rep.

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The founder of Youth Football Coaches Association and current director is Joe Bouffard. Bouffard, affectionately known as Coach Bouf, is a veteran of 16 years of coaching experience at various levels that include youth, high school and college. While at New Canaan High School in Connecticut, Coach Bouf employed a passing attack offense that has led to 2007 and 2008 Class MM State Championships. Currently, Coach Bouf serves as offensive coordinator at Fairfield Warde High School in Connecticut.

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