The Angle Tackle Football Drill

The angle tackle drill, provided by the Youth Football Coaches Association, does as it implies—it helps defenders learn how to make tackles at difficult angles. Tackles aren't always easy to make, and this drill makes sure defenders—and in particular, defensive linemen—are comfortable chasing down the ball carrier at an angle and bringing him down.

Want a .pdf of this drill to take to practice? Download it and others at the Youth Football Coaches Association website.

Drill Instructions

A diagram of the drill
  • This drill can be set up at three different speeds—walk through, thump speed and full speed.
  • Set up two parallel lines: one with defensive linemen, one with running backs.
  • Set up a cone in front of and in between the two lines. Have tackle dummies on the ground creating a wall between the two lines (see diagram below).
  • Have your running backs and defensive linemen, in two-point stances, run toward the cone at the same time, around the tackle dummies.
  • Have the defensive linemen tackle the running back at an angle.

Coaching Points

  • Verify that the defender stays low, wraps up the running back, and has helmet across the front of the running back's body.
  • Make sure the defender wraps up at waist level and lifts the running back when engaging.
  • The defender should have chopping feet when engaging the running back.
  • When walking through and thump speed, have running back jump into the defender.

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