Improve Quickness With the Dot Drill

Football players need quick feet. This drill, called the Dot Drill, is designed to help in that area.

The five dots will take the shape of the five dots on a set of dice. Each of the five dots should be one yard apart. The pattern can easily be painted in the grass with regular field paint to look like this:


Variation 1

The player will start with one foot on each of the No. 1 dots. At the sound of your whistle, the player is to jump and land with both feet on the No. 2 dot. Next, the player is to jump out to put each foot on one of the No. 3 dots. The player will then hop backwards to the No. 2 dot, and finally back to the starting position. This drill should last for 30 seconds, and the focus should be on quick feet and constant movement.

Variation 2

The player will start with one foot on one of the No. 1 dots and then proceed to hop in a figure 8 pattern. This should last for 15 seconds per leg. Try having the player face one direction throughout the entire figure 8, and then try the drill having the player face in the direction of their next hop.

Variation 3

The third variation of the Dot Drill is similar to drill 1, but after the player has landed on the No. 3 dots he will jump and twist 180 degrees and start forward in the other direction. This drill should last for 30 seconds.

Keep statistics on your players (how many reps per minute) progress and see how they improve over time.

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