Your 7-Day Stair Climbing Workout Plan

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One of the best vertical trainers, P.J. Glassey, shares simple injury prevention tips and a seven-day training play to get you ready for your next stair climb.

Injury Prevention Training Tips

  • Warm up and cool down for five minutes.
  • When stair climbing in a building, always take the elevator down to avoid injuring knees, ankles and calf muscles.
  • Incorporate three days of H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training).
  • Stretch after every workout; use the foam roller on your IT band and glutes.
  • Rest for one day.

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Sample Seven-Day Glassey Stair Climb Workout

Day One: Treadmill Workout

Set the treadmill incline to 30 percent grade (or the highest on the treadmill) and 4 mph.; go as long as you can and then rest one minute. Repeat six times. Keep track of your segment times.

Day Two: Off Day

Practice mental preparedness. Maybe take a meditation or yoga class to ease your mind and focus on your breathing.

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Day Three: Tower Training

Assume the building is 50 stories high. Adjust the training based on the number of floors in the training tower.
  • Use the first 15 floors as a warm up, climb at 70 steps per minute, two steps at a time. Use a digital metronome for pacing. 
  • Sprint full speed to floor 30. Ignore the pacer on the sprint segment.
  • Single-step to floor 32 at a 70 steps per min pace.
  • Sprint full speed to floor 39. Again, ignore the pacer on this segment.
  • Single-step to floor 42 at a 70 steps per min pace.
  • Sprint full speed to the top. No need to use the pacer here.

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