Yoga Poses to Prevent the Top Sports Injuries

Knee Injuries

Whether you are 10 years old or a professional you probably have had or know someone that has had knee surgery.  The best way to avoid ACL, MCL and meniscus trouble is to keep the hips flexible and strong. Think about it, if your hips are stiff and can't move or rotate to their full potential the energy will go to the spot with least resistance, which is always the very vulnerable very complex knee joint.

  •  Pigeon pose
  • Pigeon with quad stretch
  • Double pigeon
  • Frog
  • IT band series

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is built much like the hip joint, but more shallow. Because of this characteristic, misalignment, dislocations, and impingement are more likely to happen. It is important that you warm up your shoulders properly and stretch to reach maximum results.

  • Wall walks
  • Face down should stretch
  • Face up shoulder
  • Eagle arms
  • Wrist openers
  • Chataranga/ plank
  • Arm ups

Low Back Pain

One of the most common reasons for pain, stiffness, or limited range in the low back is tight hamstrings.  Since the hamstrings originate on the sits bones, if the muscle is tight it pulls down on the pelvis, tipping it incorrectly and causing you to compensate in order to be upright. Another reason for low back pain is weak abdominals.

  • Seated forward bend
  • Wall lean forward bend
  • Seated twists
  • Seated leg cross twist
  • Boat/ boat pull ins
  • Forearm plank hold

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