What is Doga?

Yoga is a spiritual and fitness pastime that has been around for centuries. There are many different styles and hybrid trends that have been developed and taught over time. One of the newest trends increasing in popularity is doga, yoga with your dog.

Doga keeps many of the traditional, yet modified, hatha yoga poses and incorporates your four legged friend in with them. The practice focuses on gentle stretching, meditation, and dog massage. 

Although you and your pet might not be getting the same kind of exercise as going for a long walk, doga does have other benefits. Performing the poses with your pup can not only be soothing, but also provide a great bonding experience. Considered by many to be partner yoga, doga promotes an increased consciousness and awareness between both pet and owner.  

Benefits of doga: 

  • Build a stronger bond with your dog

  • Makes you at ease

  • Gain a better handle on your dog

  • Your dog becomes more calm and relaxed

  • Helpful for injured dogs

  • It's great exercise for obese or elderly dogs

Doga classes are offered in an increasing number of cities, but haven't swept through the country yet. If your city doesn't offer doga classes, you can still take part in the soothing practice with your pet. There are several doga instructional DVDs available online, as well as instructional YouTube videos.

If you prefer to take classes, try talking to your local yoga studio about beginning a doga class so you and your canine friend can take part in yogas latest craze.

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Davenport Animal News Examiner Katie Briney has previously worked at the endocrinology laboratory at the Saint Louis Zoo and is in the process of earning her zoo and aquarium certification.

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