Top Fitness Trends of 2020


As we approach the halfway mark of the year with summer in our sights, 2020 has no-doubt proven to be a year to remember. The world has faced a global pandemic, social unrest and natural disasters, but despite all the turmoil, one thing's certain—fitness is more popular now than ever than before.

People are taking their health in their own hands all around the globe through a mix of staying active, investing in fitness gear and finding encouragement and community online.

Future Fit Training, a UK-based fitness site that offers award-winning personal training, nutrition and Pilates courses, has put together a list of the top fitness trends for 2020 sourced through a mix of social media and search engine traffic numbers. 

While fads come and go in the fitness industry faster than we care to admit, here are the latest and greatest stats from the fitness scene so far for 2020—including top fitness brands, top fitness trends and top fitness influencers.

Let's take a closer look. 

Top Fitness Brands of 2020

1. Nike
2. Adidas
3. Ivy park
4. Oysho Sport
5. New Balance

It comes as no surprise that Nike tops the list yet again for 2020. What started as a U.S.-based running shoe and apparel company, Nike has grown into a worldwide household name in the fitness scene. Nike has the most followers (a cool ~110 million), is the most-searched fitness brand on Google and has the most mentions on social media.

Adidas follows in a strong second place. It may not have the social following of Nike (~26 million followers), but it's no-doubt a fan favorite in the fitness scene and ranks as the top fitness brand through most of South America, Russia, India and Germany. 

Ivy Park, Beyoncé's fitness brand, slides into third place with the help of a high engagement rate on social media, as well as a 104-percent increase of Google search volume. The Adidas X Ivy Park collaboration was a huge success and helped put the brand on the map (other than Beyoncé being Beyoncé, of course). 

Top Fitness Trends of 2020

1. Yoga
2. Zumba
3. CrossFit
4. Pilates
5. Running

While biohacking, spinning and functional training saw the greatest percent change in search interest, many of the usual suspects made the list of "Top Fitness Trends of 2020." 

Yoga was the first most-popular fitness regime in 78 different countries, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, India and France. It's one of the most accessible activities for a wide range of ages and experience levels, so naturally we're big fans of yoga here at Click here for 11 Yoga Poses for a Full-Body Workout and 8 Yoga Poses for Tight Hips to get started. 

Zumba ranks No. 2 on Future Fit Training's list of 2020's most popular fitness regimes, and takes the top slot in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and the Philippines. Zumba is one of the more difficult fitness trends to define, but essentially it's an exercise fitness program infused with a strong dance theme. Ready to get your groove (and sweat) on? Click here to find a Zumba class near you

We couldn't round out a fitness list without including CrossFit. With a respectable third place showing, this relatively new fitness craze is built around high-intensity interval training and functional movements. While the brand has come under fire recently, the workout style CrossFit made popular is still worth trying. Here are nine reasons why you should try it and three workouts to sculpt your body

Top Fitness Influencers of 2020

1. Michelle Lewin
2. Jen Selter 
3. Anllela Sagra
4. Kayla Itsines
5. Ana Cheri

As far as names in the fitness industry go, none are more influential in 2020 than Michelle Lewin. Her social media accounts have a combined ~14 million followers, where she curates her own home workouts that are accessible for those new to working out and those looking to take their results to the next level. 

In a close second, Jen Selter has cultivated a base of almost 13 million followers and has created her own "punny" hashtag #seltering with over 70,000 posts. While she's known for her fitness profile, she also manages the @idreamaboutfood account that focuses on healthy eating and delicious recipes. 

Model-turned-fitness influencer, Anllela Sagra closes out the top three with a combined social media following of almost 12 million. Her content includes a mix of workout tips and lifestyle shots, and just a fair warning, Anllela's profile is a bit more risqué than the others on this list.

Looking for more? Click here to see the complete list of the top brands, biggest fitness trends and top fitness influencers of 2020. 

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