The Best Kitchen Tools for Fitness Lovers

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As a fit person you likely know the best gear for your workouts and recovery, but do you know the tools that can extend your fit, healthy behaviors into the kitchen?

Tools for Vegetables

Every athlete knows how crucial consuming vegetables is for a healthy life and fit body. Of course, chopping and cooking can be a pain, but these tools will help you get the job done. 



This simple tool goes for about $15 and will honestly change the way you prepare vegetables. A mandoline can have multiple features, but there's no need to get carried away. My favorite is one with a few different slice thickness adjustments. A julienne feature is an added bonus--you can slice vegetables consistently in seconds. 

Industrial Mixing Bowl

Ever go to make a salad but can't find a bowl big enough to suit your hunger for vegetables? Or want to mix vegetables in oil and herbs to roast and make a total mess tossing it all? This basic piece of restaurant kitchen equipment is exactly what you need.

Ninja Kitchen System

This combo of blender and food processor will help you make everything from protein shakes, fruit smoothies, vegetable soups, dressings, hummus and energy bites without sacrificing any quality. The attachments also allow you to make just enough for one or a large group. 

Tools for Cooking

Pots and pans make up the most-used equipment in the kitchen, so make sure you have good ones!


Non-Stick Pan

Trying to make eggs becomes a challenge if you use anything but a nonstick skillet. These pans will make your life easy by greatly reducing the frustration and clean up of stuck-on food.

Dutch Oven

These uber versatile heavy pots are safe for stove tops and oven heat. Make roasts, frittatas, stews, soups and anything else with just one pot. 


Meal Prep

Making multiple meals at once is a great way to get ahead of your eating, stick to your nutrition plan and save time.



You have to stash that food somewhere. Having good containers to store food is key to bringing your own dish on the go. A favorite of mine is Porter, which has seal tight sustainable containers, dressing cups and utensils. 


Grab a few size varieties of these high-performing thermoses, essential for keeping soups hot and smoothies cold all day. 


Most athletes enjoy nice coffee or espresso. It's not only delicious but helps with early morning workouts and is proven to enhance performances as well. A good grinder and French press is fine, but these tools will really enhance your caffeine experience. 


Wacaco Nanopresso

Espresso on the go has never been better. For the athlete always on the go, this handheld device will pump frothy espresso anywhere with just a little hot water. 

La Marzocco Linea Mini

This commercial-grade home espresso machine will set you back some serious cash. Think of it as a long-term investment. It is sleek, easy to use and will pull the perfect espresso shot and froth the most elaborate latte.

Frother Wand

These tiny battery-operated tools are roughly $15 and essential for any athlete. Mix your matcha, collagen, protein powders, adaptogens or any other powder into beverages on the go with just a simple click. 


For the serious foodie, these appliances go above and beyond. You don't NEED them, but you can't live without them!


Chef Steps Sous Vide 

This cooking method was once reserved for high-end restaurants only. It is a way to cook food by vacuum sealing it in a bag with flavoring agents and placing it in a temperature-controlled water bath. Essentially, you place your food in a bag, plop it in a pot of water and walk away. You can even control some through a phone app, making it easy to monitor without standing in front of the stove. 

Air Fryer

For those athletes looking to transition into healthy eating, this tool can be essential. You'll get crisp fries, golden tofu, crunchy chicken fingers and more without the unhealthy "fried" aspect. 

Instant Pot

Make yogurt, curries, stews, rice and even hard-boiled eggs in minutes with this modern pressure cooker. It will take a little playing around with, but eventually you will be able to place your ingredients in, press a button, walk away and then return to a perfectly done meal.

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