The Best Apps for Stress Relief


Since the Coronavirus has rocked our world, stress and anxiety levels are palpable. Everything has shut down, finances are a concern, social distancing is the new norm, toilet paper has become a hot commodity and nothing is certain anymore. We are in a constant worry about our mental and physical health, our jobs, family and so much more. It's hard to feel like our usual selves.

Counseling and exercise are great tools for stress relief, but your smartphone is another tool in you can use for fighting the battle of stress and anxiety.

Here are nine apps for stress relief to use during the pandemic and beyond.

This app promises that 10 sessions, just 10 minutes a day, can train your mind toward a happier life. The first 10 sessions are free, but further use of the app requires a fee.

What happens when you get stressed? You hold your breath or you take quick, shallow ones. Simple breathing techniques are a great way to work through stress. Users with anxiety disorders, stress and PTSD may find this app helpful.

This app can be used anytime, anyplace. There's no need to have a set meditation time. Want to do this for a 5-minute work from home break? No problem. Taking a walk to get some fresh air? Got it! There are activities each week that help change your perspective to a more optimistic view and to start seeing improvement in your life satisfaction.

Colorfy: Coloring Art Games
Remember as a kid coloring for hours and hours without a care in the world? Tap into that relaxing flow again with Colorfy. With over 1000 different pictures to paint—mandalas, florals, animals, patterns, cats, gardens, famous paintings and more—there's something for everyone right on your phone!

Stop, Breathe and Think
This app asks questions in a simple survey as a way for you to check in with yourself with how you are feeling. You are then led through a guided meditation based on the results. You might be doing something different every day based on your mood.

Smiling Mind
Meditation isn't just for adults. Get the whole family involved with this app that's geared for ages 7 to adult. Plus, who wouldn't want to put a smile on their mind?

Anxiety Coach
Anxiety Coach is an app for anyone from teens to adults, women to men or parents to veterans. It has a variety of programs for self-help, addressing fears and worries using cognitive behavior therapy strategies. The app walks you through making a list of feared activities and helps you master them, leading to less fear and worry.

The first thing that you see when you open the app is, "Take a deep breath." Why, thank you for the reminder! There's options for soothing sounds like a crackling fire or thunderstorm in addition to daily 10-minute guided options. It's easy to use and quite enjoyable.

You probably know Peloton because of its home cycling or treadmill workouts but did you know the app has an extensive library of strength workouts (bodyweight and with weights), yoga, meditation, stretching, bootcamp, walking, outdoor running and other cardio? All very useful tools in stress management! 

Right now, you can get a 90-day FREE subscription to the app and all the workouts. No credit card needed.

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