Quiz: What's Your Next Challenge?

Bored with your normal race calendar? Whether you want to up the ante on the trails or dive into the water, find out how to shake things up this season with a new type of adventure. Go ahead; take this short quiz to see what events will push you to new fitness heights.

Note: This is for entertainment purposes only and to help you think outside the box for your next challenge.

What's Your Next Challenge? 

1) Are you __________

A) A social butterfly?
B) Calm and easy-going?
C) Into various sports—a team player?
D) Stressed and overwhelmed?

2) What's your main concern when looking for an event?
A) How many post race beers do I get?
B) Are there trails?
C) Will this be a boring course or scenic?
D) Can I make this a vacation destination?

3) Running to me is _____:

A) A lot of effort, which is why I'm not a fan of running.
B) A part of my daily life. It boosts my mood.
C) A pick me up, but sometimes I get bored.
D) A great stress reliever.

4) What other activities do you enjoy?

A) Working out at the gym.
B) I never cheat on running.
C) I dabble with various endurance sports.
D) Hiking, surfing, walking...I love being out in nature.

5) Training for a race seems _____:

A) Awful!
B) Just part of my daily life.
C) Hard, but I'm willing to put in the work.
D) Consuming. Who has the time?

6) My longest run of the week is ________:

A) 3 to 8 miles
B) 18 to 20 miles
C) 9 to 17 miles
D) 0 to 2 miles

7) What do you dislike about your training routine now?

A) I don't like training solo.
B) Nothing. I love running.
C) I get bored just running. I need to dip my toes into something else.
D) I want to explore more nature.

8) My cross-training routine consists of:

A) Plyometrics, weight lifting, kettlebells, circuit training, short sprints.
B) Running and strength training.
C) Swimming, running and/or cycling
D) Hiking, strength training, yoga or water sports

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