Prevent Injuries With Proper Foot Alignment

Would you drive your car with the wheels out of alignment? If you tried, you probably wouldn't get too far without causing unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle. Well, what about the human vehicle? You walk with your "wheels" (feet) out of alignment all the time. When you walk with your feet turned out, you create what is known as stress risers.

Stress risers amount to wear and tear in the body. As a Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES), what's been discovered is the wear and tear on the joints isn't the only problem. The result of this degeneration of tissue can be arthritis, inflamed nerves, low bone density, joint and muscle pain, and foot problems. Restorative Exercise? is based in biomechanical science and Newtonian physics.

The program was developed by my teacher Katy Bowman, a biomechanical scientist. She developed this model of biomechanical preventative health when she noticed a relationship between poor physical alignment and common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, joint degeneration, osteoporosis, and foot issues.

Basically it's all about using your body the way it is designed to be used in order to decrease cellular degeneration. Cellular degeneration equals accelerated aging.

Restorative Exercise encompasses the alignment of the whole body starting with the feet. If the feet are out of alignment, everything else is thrown out of alignment. Just as in a house, you can't build a structurally sound house if the foundation is off. Let's say your feet are turned out when you walk, so-called duck feet.

"Duck feet"

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