How to Freshen Up Fast

If there's one thing all women share, it's the ability to multitask. We squeeze workouts in during our lunch hours and dash off for quick runs during our children's soccer practices. With so few minutes to spare, the challenge for many of us: heading back to work or to a dinner out without looking like a sweaty mess. But you can have it all. Enjoy a hard run and then use these multipurpose products to freshen up fast.

Beat the Shine

Before you slip out for run, remove your makeup to avoid clogging your pores--a recipe for acne and blackheads. Then scrub your face afterward. Apply a clarifying anti-inflammatory product like Ole Henriksen Blemish Attack Daily Defense Gel ($45,, which controls excessive oil production and reduces pore size. Or try Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes ($7,, 100 percent alcohol- and oil-free. They cleanse, remove makeup (even stubborn waterproof mascara) and tone in one step.

After exercise, your skin continues to produce oils "that make it look shiny and oily," says dermatologist Joel Schlessinger. He recommends LovelySkin Dual Action Toner Pads ($30,, which cleanse but are non-drying with chamomile and eucalyptus. The Body Shop Natural Powder Facial Blotting Tissues ($10, sop up shine and oil without messing up your makeup.

In the Red

Even if you have shiny skin under control, redness and splotchiness often remain long after you've logged your last mile. "When the body temperature is elevated, such as during exercise, the tiny blood vessels in the skin dilate to help the body cool down, and this causes the skin to appear red," explains Dr. Lisa Chipps, instructor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. "Usually, as the body cools down, the redness fades." To help reduce redness, spritz on Verikira Naturals Cucumber Toner ($24,, which cools and soothes skin. Using the cool setting on your hairdryer, give your face a quick blast of air to help beat the blush.

Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel ($58, is an all-in-one, antioxidant-enriched primer, sheer foundation and color corrector that evens skin tone, controls oil and reduces the appearance of redness, enlarged pores and fine lines. It saves time--one product replacing many. Also, the formula is water-, sweat- and transfer-resistant, so it's a great post-run solution.

Feel Fresh

Even if you look put together, you might not feel--or smell--especially fresh. When there's no time to shower, wipe away sweat with ModelCo Exfoliate Body Wipes ($24,, which are gentle enough for daily use and don't leave any granular mess to rinse off. If your sweaty sneakers leave your feet smelling like a locker room, before you work out apply Lavilin Hypo-Allergenic Foot Deodorant ($16, to keep odors and bacteria at bay.

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