Holiday Workout: 25 Days of Fitness

This year, don't let anxiety about holiday weight gain dampen your mood during this typically festive season.

Fitness and health tends to drop a few spots on the priority list during the holiday season when cooler temps, holiday parties, travel, shopping and last-minute work deadlines compete for time.

Instead of making excuses, carve out as little as 15 minutes for 25 days to stay fit. Some days are longer workouts, but most are short.

Your assignment for each day of the month leading up to December 25 is to perform each move listed below. You complete one move challenge each day. Doing a few quality reps of an exercise each day is more beneficial than doing nothing at all. Before you know it, you'll feel energized, fit, and ready to enjoy the holiday feast.

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December 1 - 100 Push-ups

You have the whole day to perform 100 push-ups. You can break it up however you'd like ... 10 reps here, 10 reps there. As long as you complete all 100 before the day is done.

December 2 - 200 Squats

You have the whole day to perform 200 squats. Again, break them up however you'd like. You can perform bodyweight squats or add dumbbells or a bar to increase the load. If you decide to use weight, jot it down so you can track your numbers.

December 3 - 100 Rows

This is the only day that you'll need a piece of equipment. It can be a piece of tubing, a TRX strap or a secure horizontal bar (like a railing) that will allow you to pull your body toward the apparatus. You have the whole day to perform 100 rows.

December 4 - 15-Minute Circuit

Every fourth day, you'll put the three movements together to create a full-body circuit. Perform the three exercises (push-up, squat, row) in a circuit-style fashion without taking a break. Set a timer for 15 minutes, complete 10 reps of each exercise and continue the circuit until the 15 minutes are up. Rest as needed during the workout.

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